Garden Assistant Registration

Assistant – Acceptance of Obligation

As garden member I have requested the person named below to help me in my garden. They have been given a copy of “Rossmoor Garden Club Rules and Regulations”.

The following key rules have been discussed:

A copy of this letter must be carried by you when you are in the garden. (This allows garden members to verify persons who are not recognized as a fellow member.)


  • The garden speed limit is 4 mph or less – There are people walking on the driveway so we drive slow to be safe.
  • I will not pick anything from any garden except the one I’m assisting on
  • I will not let water run unattended or soak the garden. I will use a moisture meter to test before watering. It’s important not to waste water.
  • I may not bring other people into the garden; nor may I share the gate combination/code with anyone.
  • Garden hours are M-F dawn till dusk. Sat/Sun 8 a.m. till dusk.I agree to abide by the RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE ROSSMOOR GARDEN CLUB and be a responsible participant in the Rossmoor Garden Club.

Garden Assistant Registration

By submitting this form, the lot holder and garden assistant are agreeing to abide by the above rules and terms. Please wait for confirmation of board acceptance of this application before assistant is allowed in the garden.

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