Garden Lots

Here area few things to consider before you apply for membership in the Rossmoor Garden Club. 

What are the dues and my initial expenses?
The one time initiation fee is $100. The lot you choose will determine the extra costs. Annual dues are $30 for a half lot and $55 for a full lot. Lots prices start at $100 but there is a premium if you choose a lot that has been “improved” (has raised beds, irrigation system, structures and/ or a storage unit). This is a one-time expense but will save you the effort and money of making these major improvements yourself. Gardening is expensive but rewarding. Each gardener has to buy his own plants, soil amendments, hoses, irrigation system, etc. Gardening is also good exercise: gardeners will need to haul plants and other items to their lots, carry plant debris to the compost area or to the dumpster, do heavy digging preparing the soil and planting  plus weeding their own lots as well as the adjoining pathways, Also, in winter or when there’s a drought situation, water may need to be carried in from outside the garden. Some gardeners hire handymen to help with some of their heavy work.

What are the sizes of the garden lots?
Full lots are approximately 18’ x 26’ and half lots are 18’ x 13’. These sizes may vary a little depending on the configuration of the lot.

What do I do about large tools, wood chips and manure?
The club supplies shovels, spades and other large tools as well as wheelbarrows. The large tools are centrally located in two convenient places in the garden. There are periodic deliveries of composed manure and wood chips that are available at no cost to all garden members. Members are responsible for purchasing their own bags of soil amendments and fertilizers.

What are the expectations of membership?
Members are expected to volunteer at club events and to assist with group projects to maintain the general garden area.
The annual Tomato Festival is the club’s main fundraising event and it takes many volunteers to make it a success.  Funds raised at this festive event are used for garden projects and for maintenance of the garden’s 5-acres.
Garden owners are expected to maintain their own lots as well as putting wood chips on the adjacent pathways as needed.Also, garden owners are responsible for keeping the walk-in gate shut and for keeping the lock combination confidential. Water conservation is very important and lots will be inspected periodically be sure that hoses and irrigation systems are performing properly and that there is no over-watering.

When is the garden accessible?
Weekday garden hours are 7am to dusk, weekends 8 am to dusk. These hours are specified by the garden club’s City of Walnut Creek Use Permit and must be observed.


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