Member Acknowledgement of Rules

I have read and agree to abide by the following Garden Club Rules. Violation of the Rules may result in fines or forfeiture of membership.

  • Only one car may enter the gate at a time
  • Each person entering must use the gate code
  • The garden speed limit is 4 mph
  • Members may not remove anything from another gardener’s lot without express permission. This includes produce, tools, equipment, etc.
  • Running water is not to be left unattended and soil moisture must be tested before watering
  • Members may water only on their assigned days
  • Members must keep their lots orderly with weeds under control and storage confined to the lot area
  • Members may bring guests and family to the garden but may not leave them unattended
  • The gate combination/code may not be revealed to anyone other than assistants who are registered with RGC
  • Garden hours are 7 am to dusk weekdays; 8 am to dusk weekends and holidays

Member Acknowledgement of Rules

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Submission of this form constitutes your agreement to abide by ALL Garden Club rules.

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